Durango, MX

Published on 16 December 2022 at 19:55

I took the Other road!

Mazatlan to Durango, MX


Hwy 40 climbs from sea level at Mazatlan to over 6,000 ft at Durango. And to say it’s a slow curvy highway would be an understatement. Mexico has upgraded many of its main highways to straight 4 lane turnpike roads. 40D being one of them which now incorporates 115 bridges and 63 tunnels, it’s an engineering marvel! But like I said I took the other road.

They are so proud of this road they painted a mural of the most impressive bridge.

The view from the road –

Lunch break

Arriving in Durango I stayed in an old hotel in the center historic district. I never learned the history but I’m sure it was a grand hotel back in its day, and just one of a dozen in the area.

The entire area was old colonial buildings but I didn’t take a lot of pictures, the churches (cathedrals?) were most impressive though.

The opera house I believe.

Francisco Villa Museum (Pancho Villa)

This "home" was built in the late 1800’s by a mining tycoon. After his (mysterious) death the family was unable to manage the property and it changed hands numerous times until a few decades ago when the city took it over and turned it into a museum. Quite fitting too to commemorate the Spanish uprising of the early 1900’s. The poor old tycoon must be rolling in his grave knowing the walls of his modest home are now displaying murals of the uprising which was to bring equality to the working class and bring down the super wealthy.

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