Mexico by motorcycle

December 2022

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In Conclusion...

First a story line about this pic. This photo was taken in Tekax, Yucatan after it was freshly washed. I had traveled down to Punta Allen the previous day and gotten the bike seriously muddy on the dirt road that followed along the shore. I was looking for a car wash to wash the salt mud off and couldn't find anything until the next day. When I finely found a place to get it washed (Mexico has no self service car wash bays like in the US) the young kid spent a good 45 minutes washing, scrubbing and detailing it with every thing he had at his disposal. He was so proud of the job he had done that he went and got his phone and asked me if he could take a pic of his work. I'm guessing he probably had never seen that big a bike in his life. He had sprayed so much gunk on the brake's that they were useless for the next 100 miles. He charged me $3 so I paid him $5 and he was pretty thrilled.

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Monte Albán, the rest of the story

Monte Albán was abandoned at some point in time, 1000 years ago or so. And only discovered and excavated in the last 100 years. In 1931 archeologists  discovered the, soon to be famous, tomb 7. It held amazing pieces of gold, silver, turquoise, bone carvings and many pottery pieces. Luckily many of the more exquisite pieces are still in Oaxaca on display in the Museum of Culture. The museum itself is an amazing building which used to be the monastery for the adjourning catholic church.

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Tourist for a day

I took a tour which visited the ancient ruins of Monte Alban, a potter which works with traditional black clay, wood carvers and a traditional textile weaver. It was a very fascinating tour and day! [text stolen from internet]

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