Mazatlan, MX

Published on 13 December 2022 at 22:24

Mazatlan Sinaloa, MX

So Mazatlan wasn’t the destination, again just on the way. The First goal was Hwy 40 east up to Durango, it’s legendary amongst motorcyclist in the know.

So Mazatlan, it must be Mexico’s attempt at Vegas. But it was my first MX resort I’ve visited, let’s not count San Carlos, so I haven’t anything to compare. Anyway I stayed 2 days, took a couple pics, did probably a 5 mile hike down the strip and through the shopping section. There’s a Golden Zone I guess where all the “tourist” stuff is, but I didn’t make it there so don’t know.

I don’t understand the draw… but I’ve never been there for spring break so…

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