Lake Chapala

Published on 27 December 2022 at 20:42

Another place that I had heard great things about. The drive up from the coast, the secondary highway, was quite crowded with everyone in a hurry, as usual. The holiday crowd. The land opened up and was farmland growing row crops and a lot of fields of agave, maybe sugar cane too, more on that later. Somewhere around here are the tequila distillers which all offer tours but I don’t really have any interest.

The scenic route into town along the north shore of the lake was all developed in boutique hotels, tourist shops and restaurants. There’s a large expat presence here and it shows.

The city of Chapela was typical Mexico town with narrow poorly paved streets and many street restaurants. The only happening place was the water front which was developed and packed with more street venders all selling the same cheap tourist trinkets. No one was pedaling any handmade crafts.

Skate park at the waterfront but I never saw anyone using it.

Morning coffee from my overpriced Airbnb.

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