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Published on 3 February 2023 at 14:56

Xcalak is a small outpost village at the far end of Mexico known for diving and fly fishing.

Every since I have been fly fishing I have read about bone fishing on the flats. Here there is a reef about half mile off shore. Inside, between the reef and shore, is protected water which is relatively calm, no big waves, and shallow - saltwater flats. The water depth is 2-3 feet and crystal clear with a sandy bottom. Very beautiful! In these waters live, among others, the elusive bone fish, a small torpedo shaped fish that will readily eat a small fly resembling a shrimp. Once hooked they will take off in anger and run for sometimes 100 yards before slowing, only to take off again when you get them close to the boat.

I have always wanted to hook one on a fly. Today it happened!

I booked a full day fishing with a guide. You really need a boat and someone to show you the way, plus I had no gear so needed to borrow everything. It was a great day of fishing, I chose the day which was forecast to be calmest and glad I did, even with “calm” winds it was challenging to cast 40 ft into the wind accurately.

Fishing with a guide was fun and can really spoil you. Rubin would tie on my fly, point out the fish to cast to, land and release the fish and even ungrudgingly untangle wind knots in my fly line. Of course all for a pretty hefty fee.

I caught 3 bone fish, 2 juvenile (thank goodness!) barracuda and a couple of sea perch. And then there were a few that got away! For a first time out I was quite thrilled. We got out of the boat and waded near the shore for a while and there was a 3ft barracuda that was stalking us. He followed us for awhile just cruising back and forth, I guess waiting for us to catch something in hopes of stealing the fish when we had it close to landing it. They are known for doing that. Also scared up a medium size sting ray that was hanging out on the bottom.


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